20° anniversary 1997 - 2017

Our tours

Based on our 20 years experience in the charter and maritime sectors we are able to propose and recommend two different tours to admire from a different point of view the beauty of unique environments such as the 5 Terre National Park and the scenarios that you can find in San Fruttuoso.
The details of the tours proposed are a result of our knowledge and experience in this type of business, but it is important to point out that we are at your disposal to agree any changes to meet your needs in terms of times or steps to take. To this, we also add to the opportunity to reach us to start the day in every port accessible between La Spezia and Genoa, in order to best meet your needs with the aim of facilitating your experience.

Other services

In addition to the previous tour services that typically cover the whole day, our reality is able to offer other types of services and dedicated to covering more immediate or focused needs at different times of the day such as service Tender, night or taxi boat

Each of these services will be in full compliance with you and under our staff guidelines so that you can get the most out of your experience depending on the different conditions and needs with our expertise and professionalism.

Taxi Boat

Connection to all the main resorts of the Gulf of Tigullio (Rapallo, Santa Margherita, Sestri Levante) as well as with the beautiful bay of San Fruttuoso and the nearby town of Camogli. This type of service can vary from one hour to the full day in order to suit your needs.

Tender service

Transfer by moored yachts in complete privacy for those who need short, easy and fast travel from their own yacht to the surrounding locations to make a walk or some shopping

Night service

Leaving Portofino you can admire the spectacle of the sunset while drinking a glass of prosecco offered by us, then we'll come to the beautiful bay of San Fruttuoso for an unforgettable dinner on the beach in a magical and unique atmosphere.

Special Genova

Connection with the city of Genoa where you can visit enchanting places such as the Aquarius, the ancient harbor or move to the typical alleys and caruggi or follow one of the many events that are held in the prestigious town.

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